Posters, Short Communication Papers and Full Papers Presented as Slide Shows
Strictly 5 slides 3 minutes presentation each
NB. Each presentation requires strictly five slides PowerPoint Presentation. Presentation duration strictly three minutes. No questions and answers.

Global Access to OpenWHO’s Online Learning Resources for COVID-19 Heini UTUNEN, Melissa ATTIAS, Richelle GEORGE, Ngouille NDIAYE, Corentin PIROUX, Michael Reza FARZI, Amy SY and Gaya GAMHEWAGE

Sun4Patients Web Platform: Facilitating Long-Term Monitoring of Stroke Patients George PAPASTEFANATOS, Stefanos PAPASTEFANATOS, Eleni KOROMPOKI, Petros GALANIS, Olympia KONSTANTAKOPOULOU, Iliana KARAGKOUNI, Parisis GALLOS, George NTAIOS, Kostas VEMMOS and Olga SISKOU

Automated Nerve Fibres Identification and Morphometry Analysis with Neural Network Based Tool in MATLAB Michał KOPKA, Wiktor PASKAL, Adriana M. PASKAL, Piotr PIETRUSKI, Ryszard KOPKA and Pawel K. WLODARSKI

Digitalizing Nursing in the Bavarian Swabia Region of Germany – Presentation of the Joint Project CARE REGIO Michael ÖRTL, Felix HOLL, Marina FOTTELER, Frank KRAMER, Andreas MAHLER, Dominik MERLI, Elisabeth Veronica MESS, Stefanie SCHMID, Alexandra TEYNOR, Petra FRIEDRICH and Walter SWOBODA

Epidemiological Analysis of the Covid-19 Epidemic in Greece Stelios ZIMERAS, Konstantinos CHARDALIAS and Marianna DIOMIDOUS

Effective Design of Serious Games for Children with Chronic Diseases: the Role of Parents and Caregivers Dimitra PAPPA, Emmanouil ZOULIAS and John MANTAS

An Efficient Method to Predict Pneumonia from Chest X-rays using Deep Learning Approach Uzair SHAH, Alaa ABD-ALRAZEQ, Tanvir ALAM, Mowafa HOUSEH and Zubair SHAH

Determining and Evaluating the Dissemination and Exploitation Plans and Activities for the CrowdHEALTH Project: The Role of the Impact Creation Board Andriana MAGDALINOU, John MANTAS, Patrick WEBER, Parisis GALLOS and Lydia MONTANDON

Health Informatics Association of Qatar (HIAQ): Building a Digital Health Ecosystem Farahnaz YOUSIF, Hessa ALMULLA, Raghad MUHIYADDIN, Dena A. ALTHANI, Zubair SHAH, Tanvir ALAM and Mowafa HOUSEH

The Impact of Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) on Physicians: A Scoping Review Raghad MUHIYADDIN, Alaa A. ABD-ALRAZAQ, Mowafa HOUSEH, Tanvir ALAM and Zubair SHAH

Cardiovascular Diseases in Qatar: Smoking, Food Habits and Physical Activities Perspectives Hamada R.H. AL-ABSI, Mahmoud Ahmed REFAEE, Anjanarani NAZEEMUDEEN, Mowafa HOUSEH, Zubair SHAH and Tanvir ALAM

Machine Learning Models Reveal the Importance of Clinical Biomarkers for the Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease Mahmoud Ahmed REFAEE, Amal Awadalla Mohamed ALI, Asma Hamid ELFADL, Maha F.A. ABUJAZAR, Mohammad Tariqul ISLAM, Ferdaus Ahmed KAWSAR, Mowafa HOUSEH, Zubair SHAH and Tanvir ALAM

The European Educational Programs in Biomedical and Health Informatics John MANTAS

Remote Monitoring of Patients in Quarantine in the Era of SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic Irene KARAMPELA, Markos NIKOLOPOULOS, Evangelos TZORTZIS, Theodora STRATIGOU, Georgios ANTONAKOS, Marianna DIOMIDOUS and Maria DALAMAGA

Nursing Staff’s Awareness of Processing Personal Data According to GDPR Vasiliki MARKOPOULOU, Alexandra NIERI, Joseph LIASKOS, Emmanouil ZOULIAS and John MANTAS

The Accreditation Procedure Ensures Quality of Education in Biomedical and Health Informatics John MANTAS

The importance of Health Informatics in Public Health during the COVID-19 Pandemic John MANTAS