– What are Sessions ?

The quickest way to understand the Sessions area of Hopin is to think of rooms or groups within your event, gather around “virtual roundtables.”

Sessions are hidden until 5 minutes before the scheduled time.

You can find Sessions in the left side of your screen

– Select your session and in the window that pop up click on  Share Audio and Video

When a attendee is in a session, can click the button that says Ask to Share Audio and Video. Clicking this button will open the moderation panel at the bottom left of the page for the moderator to view who’s requesting and click to add them to the video stream.

  • Once allowed, the attendee will choose their audio/video devices and then appear on camera. The moderator can take off speakers from the Session screen by clicking Remove red circle icon. 

How to present slides on the Session

  1. Open your presentation in a new tab.
  2. In the Backstage, click the Screenshare icon and choose how you would like to share:
  • Your Entire Screen
  • Application Window
  • Chrome Tab (sharing a Chrome Tab supports sharing slides with sound)

3. Select the tab or application with your presentation. If possible, set up a separate monitor to be able to view the event chat and your slides.

Note: Make sure to Exit full-screen mode on your Chrome or Firefox browser and PowerPoint when sharing the screen. If not, the PowerPoint will not appear in the list of applications due to full-screen mode limitations on Mac

4. Present from the Backstage, so you can toggle between Backstage chat and Event chat.